Our range of services

We offer accredited and unaccredited tests using salt fog, water condensation or alternating climate conditions:

  • temperature range of up to +50 °C for salt fog tests
  • temperature range of up to +42 °C for condensation tests
  • manual and automated test cycling (for example, in accordance with VDA 621-415)
  • option to combine tests with an environmental chamber
  • using various solution types
  • option to actively power samples, including the ability to control them and synchronize them with the chamber
  • with real test recording in S!MPATI software
  • option to independently monitor sample temperatures and project the results directly into detailed reports with a test graph
  • inspection and documentation of samples under a microscope upon request after test completion

Our laboratories are equipped with chambers ranging in volume from 1000 liters and we can also provide further equipment to meet customer requirements.


Compliance with applicable standards

Our laboratory is accredited for testing using salf fog, water condensation and alternating climate conditions in accordance with the following standards:

  • ČSN EN ISO 9227, Method NSS
  • ČSN EN 60068-2-52
  • PV1210
  • ČSN 345791-2-11
  • IEC 60068-2-11
  • ČSN EN ISO 6270-2

Nevertheless our equipment and expertise guarantee compliance with other standards and regulations, including IEC, ISO, ASTM, MIL-STD, GMW, KIA, Renault, Volvo and others.


How do we do it?

It’s easy to try us! Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Submit your test requirements to us (for example, using our inquiry form).
  2. We strive to conduct your tests using the most appropriate methods. This is why our technician will explore all your requirements and  contact you within 24 hours with additional questions or recommendations in case you are not completely sure about your inquiry.
  3. After clarifying your needs in detail, we will prepare a quote including information about the earliest possible testing date.
  4. After ordering our services, send us your samples, or you can let us arrange to have them taken to our laboratory.
  5. We will conduct the required tests.
  6. After your tests have been completed, we will store your samples until you can personally collect them, or we will send them back to you.
  7. We usually prepare the corresponding test protocol within 48 hours of completed testing.


Test protocol

The results of every test we conduct are output as a test protocol that contains the following data:

  • information about the tested sample
  • test implementation location and time
  • test description
  • device identification
  • photo documentation of samples before and after testing
  • real-time graphical records of testing
  • test appendixes, for example, records from measuring active samples or regular inspections, etc.

We can prepare the protocol for you in either Czech or English.


Why should you test with us?

There are many reasons for testing with us, the most important being:

  • Expertise in the field
    Our technicians have many years of experience. They can recommend the most suitable testing method for your samples. But if you know exactly what you want and how to test, we will be your partner and not delay you with additional questions.
  • Flexibility
    Even though we have an extensive portfolio of devices, we understand that quality testing keeps increasing its demands on individual products. Because of our close relationships with testing technology manufacturers and device users, we are able to provide even equipment that we do not currently own.
  • Reliability
    We strive to make sure that you can rely on our word as well as our devices, therefore, all our equipment are regularly calibrated by an accredited laboratory and service by an authorized service company. Since we provide these services in house, we can respond to unexpected complications almost immediately.
  • Personal approach
    We treat every single customer individually. At the beginning of each contract there is always an understanding of your needs and requirements. We will do our best to meet all your requests.