Hardness testers

Hardness testers made by INNOVATEST Europe BV and Bareiss Prüfgerätebau GmbH represent the best products on the market in measuring material hardness. The hardness of any material type can be measured, including very soft foams, rubbers and plastics, very hard metals, hardened steel and carbon. Our range includes manual, single-purpose hardness testers up to fully automatic, universal hardness testers.

Hardness testers to test metals according to Vickers ISO 6507 and Knoop ISO 4545. Optical measurement devices, measurements can be assessed automatically, semi-automatically or manually. 

Hardness testers for measurements conducted using the Rockwell method. Monitoring the penetration depth of an indenter (cone) pressed into a sample. 

Hardness testers for measurements conducted using the Brinell ISO 6506 method, employ optical measurement devices. Individual measurements can be assessed automatically or semi-automatically.  

Universal hardness testers for measurements using all methods: Vickers ISO 6507, Rockwell ISO 6508,
Brinell ISO 6506,
Shore ISO 7619-1,
IRHD ISO 7619-2. 
Manual or automatic measurement.

Hardness testers for measurements using the Shore method are most commonly used on soft materials. This method measures the penetration depth of the indenter under specific conditions.

Hardness testers for conducting measurements using the IRHD method in accordance with ISO 7619-2 and ISO 48 are used for testing hardness of thin rubber samples whenever the Shore method cannot be applied.