Rheological equipment

The rheological testing equipment of top German manufacturer GÖTTFERT leads the way in research and quality inspection of polymer and rubber characteristics. The company specializes in equipment for measuring melt flow index, high-pressure capillary rheometers for measuring viscosity, thermal conductivity and PVT diagrams, machines for elastomer tests and foil analysis and online technologies for measurements conducted directly during production processes.

Plastometers for measuring melt flow index in accordance with standards ISO 1133 and ASTM1238, from manual to fully automated devices. MFR and MVR measurements and melt density calculations.

High-pressure capillary rheometers for measuring viscosity curves and other rheological characteristics of polymers and rubber.

Machines for testing rubber, such as the MOONEY-VISKOSIMETER, and MDR, RPA and capillary rheometers for simulating rubber compound injection or extrusion processes. 

Online measurements of the rheological characteristics of polymers, detailed foil analysis, melt ductility and production simulations using a laboratory extruder.