Commissioning equipment

When you purchase a device, we can install it for you. Our technicians will put the machine into operation, test its functionality and train the operating personnel. We strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and synthesis with a system’s functions in order to prevent unplanned downtime and provide maximum possible product utilization.

  • Device assembly and installation
  • Device functionality testing
  • Sensor configuration and calibration
  • Operating personnel training


Warranty and post-warranty service

Defects can sometimes occur, even with a high-quality product purchased from JD Dvořák. Our numerous, high-quality service partners can correct these defects quickly. Customers contracted with us can call on our servicing 24 hours a day (on business days). 

The special equipment in our service vehicles allows fast repairs directly at the customer’s facilities. Besides an extensive set of instruments, all our service vehicles are equipped with spare parts to replace components subject to standard wear and tear. 


Regular maintenance

A device purchased from JD Dvořák and therefore its respective international partners is a high-quality, robust product that offers a high degree of trouble-free operation. In order to maintain this standard for subsequent years or decades, regular maintenance must be conducted to prevent unexpected downtime and ensure the safe and economical operation of the device.

All work is thoroughly documented and saved in our database. System history is thus accessible at any time. The high qualifications, experience and professionalism of our personnel are the foundation of our flawless servicing. We have specialists in all the necessary fields of electronics, mechanics, cooling technologies, control systems and software.


Final training of users and technical support  

Accurate results are achieved from a thorough knowledge of the purchased device and all its functions. For more complex applications and test processes, we can help you with your training needs for individual detailed software and hardware functions.


„In house“ service work

In cases where a bigger intervention in the test equipment is needed (eg complicated repairs of cooling circuits, circuit flushing, overhaul, or control system modifications), it is more economical to realize service work directly in our JD workshop. In the case of more time-consuming work, it would be necessary to charge accommodation costs or repeated transport costs of our worker. These costs are missing in the case of the “In house” service work. In addition, our professionally equipped workshop is a guarantee of as quick and effective service as possible. Our staff will arrange a collection and transport of the device to our workshop, carry out all required operations and then transport the device back to you.

This service may also be used for any other repair, inspection or routine maintenance of the equipment.


Device modernization

Device modernization will improve the quality of your existing device and prolong its lifespan without the need for big investments into new equipment. Prices are quoted according to individual customer inquiries. Modernization of portable devices is conducted at our service department’s facilities.

Special attention is given to preventive measures. Suitable modernization will prevent unexpected downtime and related expenses. Even when original parts are no longer available, we can still find a professional solution adjusted to your system. The range of our services is broad, from simply replacing touch panels to installing complex integrated solutions.


Tightness revisions for cooling circuits

European regulations require regular inspection of cooling circuit tightness on selected devices. Our technicians are trained in this area and authorized to conduct these revisions for you. These revisions are usually conducted under the regular maintenance schedule.

Video: Weiss Technik is a step ahead in F gas regulations. 



Professional technical consultations

We will also gladly assist you with your existing devices. If you are not sure about their correct functioning, work procedures or configuration, do not hesitate to contact our experienced and trained employees.