JD Dvořák, s.r.o.

Company JD Dvořák s.r.o., - Test systems - provides services for the supply of test equipment, implementation of accredited calibration of temperature and humidity, the newly conducting tests to order and rebuilding - general repairs - temperature and climate chambers.
The company was founded in 1993 with the intention to provide services on the market in the Czech and Slovak Republics in the supply and servicing of the test technology from companies that ranks among the best in their field of activity. For these companies we have an exclusive representation in the Czech and Slovak Republics.
More than twenty years of experience in the supply and servicing of test equipment are evaluated in the quality of technical service and support to our customers. To our customers we help to solve the problems of quality assurance of their products. 

„We always are heading our deeds and the steps, so that we can look straight in to the eye to our customers and partners...“

Obchod a servis:
JD Dvořák, s.r.o., Zkušební technika

V Holešovičkách 14, CZ-180 00 Praha 8
IČO: 49621815, DIČ: CZ49621815
T: +420 284 681 646, 284 688 050
E: obchod@testsysteme.cz

Akreditovaná kalibrační laboratoř č. 2298,
JD Dvořák, s.r.o., Kalibrační a zkušební laboratoř, servis

Tuřanka 107, CZ-627 00, Brno
M: +420 602 287 213, 606 029 248
E: kalibrace@testsysteme.cz

Akreditovaná zkušební laboratoř č. 1676,
JD Dvořák, s.r.o., servis

Toužimská 943/24a, CZ-197 03, Praha 9
T: +420 284 681 646, 284 688 050
E: zkusebna@testsysteme.cz