Test machines

MTS Systems Corporation is an american manufacturer who produces some of the most technically advanced test machines in the world. MTS products allows precise mechanical testing of a broad spectrum of materials in tension, compression and bending, but also dynamic and fatigue tests.

Electromechanical and static-hydraulic universal test systems for tension, compression, flex/bend and shear testing.  

Servohydraulic and electrodynamic test machines simulate different kinds of mechanical stress with different frequecy, amplitude and force. 

For multiaxial testing of materials durability including torsional tests. These systems are compatible with furnaces and different types of extensometers. 

Test machines for conducting long-term wear, fatigue and durability tests of implantable spine, hip and knee devices and related materials.

A full complement of grips and fixtures, environmental simulation systems and other accessories.

Replace outdated controls of existing MTS or another manufacturer's electromechanical, servohydraulic and other testing machines and systems.